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  • The A300 Nitrile Knit wrist work gloves

    Nitrile Knit wrist Glove

    The A300 Nitrile Knit wrist work gloves

    Product Description

    is a fully coated work glove designed for applications that require additional abrasion resistance. The coating prevents grease, oil and water penetration, making them suitable for use in the more demanding environments of refuge collection, utilities, and maintenance.

    Material: Cotton, Nitrile
    Colour: Navy
    Sizes: M/8, L/9, XL/10, XXL/11

    Glove Sizes

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    12 (£1.72 each) £20.64
    24 (£1.38 each) £33.12
    36 (£1.30 each) £46.80
    72 (£1.16 each) £83.52
    144 (98p each) £141.12