Predator Rigger Gloves

The Predator Signature Rigger was created in 1990 (the industry-famous Ron Simpson) – this glove became iconic in the industry and the design has been replicated by numerous glove suppliers, standing the test of time and becoming one of the most sought after styles in the industry

    • Predator Signature Tiger Rigger

      Predator Signature Tiger Rigger

      Starting from £2.68

    • Predator Standard Rigger gloves

      Predator Standard Rigger gloves

      Starting from £1.80

    • Power Rigger Predator glove

      Power Rigger Predator glove

      Starting from £1.47

    • HI-VIS Rigger By Predator

      HI-VIS Rigger By Predator

      Starting from £3.02

    • Predator Ivory Hide Rigger

      Predator Ivory Hide Rigger

      Starting from £3.06

    • Predator Power Plus Rigger

      Predator Power Plus Rigger

      Starting from £1.94

    • Predator Power Plus Rigger (size 11.5)

      Predator Power Plus Rigger (size 11.5)

      Starting from £2.55

    • Predator Signature Hide Rigger

      Predator Signature Hide Rigger

      Starting from £3.73

    • Thinsulate Power Rigger

      Thinsulate Power Rigger

      Starting from £4.13