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We have a large selection of work gloves for many work situations. including, Latex gloves, Rubber gloves, Nitrile gloves, Cotton gloves & many more. with bulk prices.

  • Predator Standard Rigger gloves

    Standard Rigger glove

    Predator Standard Rigger gloves

    Product Description

    General Handling, Agriculture, Warehousing and Utilities

    • Made from top quality shoulder cuts of leather
    • Reinforced leather knuckle patch
    • Fleecy lined palm and fingers for added comfort
    • Double stitched, above average leather palm
    • Strong backing fabric with an elasticated comfort strap
    • Fully wrap around first finger
    • Plasted cuff

    Brand:   Predator 

    Glove Sizes

    1 (£5.00 each pair) £5
    12 (£1.42 each pair) £17.04
    100 (£1.40 each pair) £140
    200 (£1.15 each pair each) £230
    300 (£1.13 each pair each)