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We have a large selection of work gloves for many work situations. including, Latex gloves, Rubber gloves, Nitrile gloves, Cotton gloves & many more. with bulk prices.

  • NSPL Pred grip nitrile gloves

    Grip Nitrile Work Gloves

    NSPL Pred grip nitrile gloves

    Product Description

    Superior comfort created by using a seamless one-piece liner with open back for work glove that as a good breathability. Excellent dexterity and grip in the dry

    Material: Nylon, Nitrile
    Colour: Red / Black
    Sizes: M/8, L/9 10/ XL,11/XXL

    Glove Sizes

    Choose Size
    1 (£2.99 each) £2.99
    12 (£1.01 each) £12.12
    36 (92p each) £33.12
    72 (64p each) £46.08
    144 (50p each) £72
    240 (47p each) £112.80
    480 (45p each) £216
    720 (42p each) £302.40