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We have a large selection of work gloves for many work situations. including, Latex gloves, Rubber gloves, Nitrile gloves, Cotton gloves & many more. with bulk prices.

  • Economical Blue Polyester shell with dotting

    Economical Blue Polyester shell with dotting

    Product Description

    Low linting 13 gauge blue polyester shell for reduced

    soiling in dirtier environments & to minimise

    contamination of products.

    Soft, Seamless construction for wearer comfort in a

    range of sizes to ensure a secure, Snug fit

    PVC dotting to palm & PVC fingertips to improve

    grip & durability. Good dexterity across a wide

    range of applications.

    Bulk Pack Prices Mix Two Sizes

    Glove Sizes

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    1 (£2.50 each) £2.50
    12 (£1.17 each) £14.04
    36 (97p each) £34.92
    72 (79p each) £56.88
    120 (63p each) £75.60
    240 (58p each) £139.20