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  • 18''UCI Chemical Resistant Gauntlet

    18''UCI Chemical Resistant Gauntlet

    Product Description

    UCI Std  Gauntlet Chemical Resistant 18 inch Red PVC Gauntlet

    Red 45cm (18″) PVC Gauntlets suitable for use with a range of chemicals and solvents.

    Tough hardwearing glove ideal for use in both dry and wet situations.

    Cotton interlock liner for comfort in extended wear.

     Size 9.5

    Treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness.

    Glove Sizes

    12 (£2.33 each) £27.96
    24 (£2.04 each) £48.96
    36 (£1.94 each) £69.84
    72 (£1.85 each) £133.20