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Thermal work gloves are specifically designed for working in cold conditions. To browse our full range of thermal work gloves, click here.

  • Thermal work Gloves

    Thermal work Gloves

    Product Description

    These thermal gloves are perfect for maintenance, construction, transportation and local authority work. Thermal gloves have a warm acrylic liner and are ideal for heavy duty outdoor tasks or working in cold conditions.

    Material: Acrylic, Latex
    Colour: Black
    Sizes: S/7, M/8, L/9, XL/10 XXL/11

    Glove Sizes

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    1 (£3.00 each) £3
    12 (£2.15 each) £25.80
    24 (£1.74 each) £41.76
    72 (£1.33 each) £95.76
    144 (£1.26 each) £181.44
    288 (£1.20 each) £345.60