Work Gloves - Polka Dot Gloves

Tough & extremely low lint work gloves with a polka dot surface. These work gloves are perfect for assembly line jobs & as well as gardening. Purchase today.

  • A110: Nylon Polka Dot Work Glove

    Polka dot nylon glove

    A110: Nylon Polka Dot Work Glove

    Product Description

    By combining enhanced grip with excellent dexterity, the Nylon Polka Dot Glove performs well in dry conditions. Seamless 13 gauge knitted Nylon with PVC dotted palm.

    Material: Nylon/PVC
    Colour: Blue on White
    Sizes: S/7, M/8, L/9, XL/10

    Glove Sizes

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    1 (£2.99 each) £2.99
    12 (£1.04 each) £12.48
    36 (94p each) £33.84
    100 (76p each) £76
    216 (58p each) £125.28
    432 (56p each) £241.92