Jan 16, 21

New Gloves Released: PolyMAX & TekArmor

Blackburn Safetywear Ltd, are happy to introduce a new type of glove, Pred Touch screen technology Polymax and TekArmor. Both of which are food Safe as well! These gloves are new to UK Markets.


BRAND NEW to the UK Market; revolutionary PolyMAX™ coating is set to take the Personal Protective Equipment industry by storm!

  • Over 15 year of research has gone into the development of this hi-tech polymer, made using environmentally friendly technology
  • Natural oxygen decomposition in production ensures there is no pollution or primary environmental impact (standard 100 OKEO-TEK®)
  • Skin-safe: PolyMAX™ doesn't contain any nasty chemicals which have the potential to irritate skin or cause allergic responses
  • 360° comprehensive breathability, offering moisture permeability
  • Suitable for use in food industries and applications
  • Touchscreen technology - the whole coated area is compatible
  • PolyMAX™ offers oil absorbency whilst repelling water, to assist in grip, reduce slips and subsequently, aid hand fatigue
  • More comfortable and durable than nitrile, offering abrasion resistance of over 12,000 cycles! (Level 4 = 8,000 cycles)
  • PolyMAX™ can withstand extended use with oils and grease, maintaining properties up to 10x longer than nitrile
  • PolyMAX™ performs incredibly well in low temperatures, maintaining properties (as low as -20°)


TekArmor™ is a patented dual steel thread, used in out new Touchsafe range of gloves. TekArmor™ enables us to produce fabrics with incredibly high strength to weight properties.

Use of this fibre within our Touch safe range allows us to manufacture a product which can offer the highest level cut resistance (level F), whilst maintaining maximum dexterity, feel, and comfort.

TekArmor™ has helped us to develop the thinnest cut level F glove, currently available in the UK market* - the 18 gauge Touchsafe Pred Midas!

You can find our selection of Touch Gloves in our online catalogue right here. Otherwise, if you’re interested in purchasing products from either of these brands or have any questions, please give us a call on 01273 890995 or contact us.