Predator Mig-gauntlets

Predator Mig Gauntlets

05 November 2021

The Lightning Red and Blue gauntlets are good quality split leather with standard cotton thread which is protected by leather welting – these are both 14 inches long and size 11… the Red however also comes in a 16” (size 11), and the Blue is available in size 9 (12”)

We also stock the Lightning in a Green which is designed to be ambidextrous which could reduce potential wastage where welders only require a Mig gauntlet on one hand

In the middle of the range is the Twaron Mig Gauntlet, made of great quality split leather and featuring an additional thumb crutch for reinforced protection – this gauntlet features Twaron heat-resistant thread which has no melting point and only begins to degrade around 500oC… again, the thread is protected by leather welting for increased longevity (this too is 14” and size 11)

The top of the range would be our Signature Mig Gauntlet – a flagship product which remains a best seller today… this is made using top quality split leather, featuring a double layer leather palm and thumb for increased wear and protection – this also offers a level of padding which is beneficial in heavy handling or metal handling

The Signature Mig comes in 14” or 16” (both size 11) – the 14” is also available in left or right handed pairs only (the same benefit as having an ambidextrous glove due to minimised wastage in certain applications)

All of our Mig gauntlets include 100% cotton lining – we use cotton rather than a synthetic fibre, as cotton does not melt when in contact with a naked flame, where as something like polyester could quite easily melt onto the skin if in contact with a naked flame

All Mig Gauntlets use a wing-thumb design which is suited to welding applications