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Grip Work gloves provide both comfort and grip at an affordable price. The seamless poly-cotton liner and knit wrist design provide comfortable seams and a better fitting work glove with ventilated lining for reduced hand fatigue. To browse our full range of Grip Gloves, click here.

  • Flexo Grip Nitrile Gloves

    Flexo Grip Nitrile Work Gloves

    Flexo Grip Nitrile Gloves

    Product Description

    The flexible nitrile coating on this grip glove enhances abrasion resistance making this thin Work glove perfect for auto repair and assembly.

    Material: Nylon, Nitrile
    Colour: Grey
    Sizes:S/7, M/8, L/9 10/ XL,11/XXL

    Glove Sizes

    Choose Size
    1 (£2.99 each) £2.99
    12 (£1.03 each) £12.36
    36 (94p each) £33.84
    72 (66p each) £47.52
    144 (52p each) £74.88
    360 (49p each) £176.40
    720 (44p each) £316.80