Work Gloves - PVC Gauntlets

Hard-Wearing & Comfortable PVC Gauntlets providing protection from the hands to the wrist and arms. PVC coating provides chemical resistance and protection again abrasion and wet, oil and chemicals. To browse our full range of PVC gauntlets/gloves, click here.

  • Predator Red PVC Knit Wrist

    Predator Red PVC Knit Wrist

    Product Description

    Smooth red coating on a 100% cotton knitted wrist liner Cut Resistant Level 1 as required under EN388 Elasticated cuff. Offers protection from abrasion, scratches, cuts, and dirt      Waterproof coating


    Assembly work, General Handling, Warehousing, Packing, Hazardous Waste

    • Materials: Cotton and PVC
    • Colour: Red
    • Size: XL/10,

    Glove Sizes

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    6 (£1.32 each) £1.32
    36 (91p each) £32.76
    72 (80p each) £57.60
    144 (70p each) £100.80
    288 (66p each) £190.08
    1000 (60p each) £600