Predator Work Gloves

Leather gloves & gauntlets Predator by Ron® The famous Predator by Ron® range is widely recognised in the industry; setting the benchmark for quality and consistency for leather gloves. The Predator by Ron® range incorporates Rigger Gloves, Driver's Gloves, MIG Welding Gauntlets, TIG Welding Gauntlets, gloves to suit all applications

  • Predator Signature Tiger Rigger

    Predator Signature Tiger Rigger

    Product Description

    A Predator By Ron, top quality leather rigger with double palm and thumb. Reflective strip on the reverse in EN471 approved tape.

    • Conforms to EN420. EN388.2003
    • 100% cotton palm and finger lined
    • ‘A’ quality rubberized cuff
    • Elasticated comfort strap
    • Superior quality split leather
    • Reinforced palm and thumb

    Applications: General & Metal handling, Agriculture, Foresting, Warehousing, and Construction. Predator by Ron flagship Rigger

    Excellent quality and value for money

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    Brand: Predator By Ron

    Cheap But Always Quality

    Glove Sizes

    1 (£7.00 each) £7
    10 (£4.40 each) £45
    50 (£2.99 each) £149.50
    100 (£2.20 each) £220